Heated hose for use in robotics & automotive industry

Heated hose for use in robotics & automotive industry

There are many heated hoses in use within the robotic and automotive industry, but only templine’s unique design ensures a steady flow of heat throughout the hose, with no cold or hot spots when the hose is flexed. This allows manufacturers to use templine with confidence in the quality of the products produced.


templine® Heated Hose innovation for Automotive Manufacture

Suitable for ;

Application of hot adhesive to secure car windscreens, providing optimum adhesion within specified temperature range.
Glue robots for car body and windscreen compounds
Car Exhaust Measurement
Painting systems
Surface protection

Why choose templine from Masterflex…

Innovative construction that prevents hot spots
Unique termination design – water tight preventing ingress if moisture & dust, also prevents heat loss.
Masterflex integrated, self regulating temperature control (optional)
Hose operation up to +220º
Pressure tested to 500 bar
High mechanical strength ( tested to 1 million bending actions)
Wide range of couplings in mild steel, stainless steel and brass
Hoses diameter 4mm to 50mm
Custom hoses designed, developed and manufactured

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