A Young Girl has been Spotted using Ingenious Way Of ‘Escaping’ From British Storms, on her Camping Trip, Using Length of Flexible Ducting Pipe!

Camping is an enjoyable way of spending time in nature, absent from the noise and strains of day to day life. However, setting up a tent can allow you to think twice about packing and unpacking your tent and other belongings. It takes at least two people to pitch most tents easily while having to deal with the wind, cold, rain and the possibility of running into possibly unsafe animals.

Girl Camping - Master Clip Flexible Spring Hoses / Ducts

Girl Camping

Thanks to Valentina, Campers have praised her ‘ingenious idea’, of using a length of Flexible ducting pipe and hoped the method would be a success for them after more than 100 people viewed her ‘flexible hose camp’ while she was camping at Bryher Campsite, Isles of Scilly.

Beach Camping - Master Clip Flexible Spring Hoses / Ducts

Beach Camping

Is this the hilarious way ever, or is it the most ingenious way, to escape out to the countryside, enjoy the snow and hide from the storm; all so cheaply?

We do all love comfortable camping or doing anything to make camping a low-cost hobby in the first place, this girl’s humorous camping ideas is definitely worth a watch!

A picture of what truly looks like an aircraft air-conditioning ducting / hose shows a yellow shelter on a camping ground the perfect way to escape from the cold.

Valentina can be seen, smiling, on the beach, looking at her flexible vinyl ducting pipe, often used in heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems.

As she gets ready for home, Valentina compresses her ‘flexible tenting hose’ and simply places it onto her beetle’s roof.

As if by magic, the ingenious Valentina disappears from the campsite, in less than a minute, with other people around her smiling in amusement.

Since the news was shared on Twitter, yesterday, it has been twitted more than a million times.  One user complimented her “impressive girl” while another hoped to the see the ingenious method featured used as an “agile military shelter” and a third declared: “This is what Camping should be.”

Master Clip Flexible Spring Hoses / Ducts

Extreme Camping

Some tweets even suggested the insulating quality of the material, portability and speed of putting up the tent, could stop unexpected extreme weather conditions, such as one found on the north pole.   We don’t think business would find this an April Fool’s Joke, and we’re sure they’d soon be in ‘hot’ pursuit of Valentina’s idea.

Master Clip Hoses

(As used by Valentina)

Flexible hoses / ducting with an external helix. Size range 50mm to 900mm. Temperature range -260°C to +1100°C.

Master Clip Flexible Spring Hoses / Ducts

Master Clip Flexible Spring Hoses / Ducts

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Important Facts About Farming & Agricultural Spring Hoses, by Masterflex Technical Hoses, That You Should Know!

Important Facts About Farming & Agricultural Spring Hoses, by Masterflex Technical Hoses, That You Should Know!

By Sami

For further details of Masterflex agricultural hoses please visit: http://www.masterflex-uk.com/

SPRING: March 21 – June 20

Spring Farming Hose

Spring Farming

Spring has still had been a very exciting time for most of us, with all that snow, sledging and it has been very hectic for farmers this year!  Numerous cold blasts have been hit, recently, from the Beast from the East, Storm Emma and most recently the Mini Beast from the East. Now another blast of cold is expected across the nation and the country could remain cold and wintery up until the second half of April!  The good news for farmers is that the worst of weather conditions have gone.  Farmers, throughout the UK, have been praised for their efforts to help stranded motorists and clear roads after the “Beasts of the East”.

Sheep Farming - Climate System Hoses

Sheep Farming – Climate System Hoses Can Be Provided

Below are some more interesting facts, that British farmers, should be praised upon:

  • In the UK, there are nearly 280,000 farms.
  • 30 million football pitches are equivalent to 20 million hectares of UK’s farmland.
  • British Farms produce 60% of all food eaten in the UK.
  • 20 million eggs are supplied by British farms, to make none million loaves of bread.
  • Wheat, the most common crop grown in the UK, is planted on two million hectors of land.
  • Half a million tonnes of potatoes are produced every year, by farms, enough to cover 120,000 football pitches.
  • More sheep are produced, in the UK, than any other country in Europe.
  • 60 million pints of milk is produced, in the UK, which is enough to fill over 15 Olympic swimming pools!
  • A tractor, in a whole week, can do work of 100 men.
  • To produce one tonne of paper, two tons of timber is required.
Wood & Timber

Wood Cutting

All the above applications require Agricultural Hoses and many of them can be provided by Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd.

Hoses are used in farming machinery for achieving important tasks, such as drilling, spraying plants, seed preparation, clenching, liquid manuring, milking and more.

grass machine hose

Grass Machine Hose

Masterflex provides a number of different types of hose, that can be used for various agricultural tasks, for example:

  • Feeding & seeding systems
  • Air /stable climate system

In farming, there are many applications, such as the transportation of seeds, animal feeding, stable ventilation and cooling, pneumatic machinery, where spring hoses are required.


Grain & Feed is one such application – at Masterflex Technical we recognise that things can get complicated for the farming community, with more diverse ways of creating earnings than traditional methods of farming. Two of our best-selling products, in agriculture, are Master Pur L Trivolution and Master Pur H Trivolution. These are just some of the types of hoses, for farming and agriculture, you may require.  We have other made to order hoses and custom hoses for both suction and delivery with properties including, water resistance, smooth bore, excellent abrasion resistance, microbe, chemical resistance, crush resistance, kink resistance and more!

If you require more information on what kind of hoses for farming / agriculture we can, then get in touch on 01616268066, email us or visit our website: http://www.masterflex-uk.com/


Friday the 13th & Dust Control

Friday the 13th & Dust Control

For more details on Masterflex hoses, please visit: http://www.masterflex-uk.com/

Friday the 13th, in western superstition, is considered an unlucky day.  It befalls when the 13th day of the month, in the Gregorian calendar, falls on a Friday; and this day can occur up to three times in the same year!  In 2018, it is occurring tomorrow and July 13.

Cat - Hose


Paraskevidekatriaphobia is the scientific name given to the fear of Friday the 13th.  It is born (or transmitted) after learning that Friday the 13th is the day of the bad luck and the learning of the terrible events that took place on this day.  It is easy to catch this illness if a family member or someone close dies on Friday the 13th; it will be assumed, by the victim, that the next Friday 13th or the one after could be their last day.

Hose Scared

There are many sufferers that stay in their beds, on Friday the 13th, trying to sleep for that whole day; but fail to do so, in case they would die in sleep.  Other people travel to remote places and away from society and avoid driving.

Hose Accident

How would you know if anybody is suffering or you?  If a person, on this day feels fear, have heart palpations or are feeling separated from reality, then this is a sign of this dreadful disease!

Sick Hose

But Friday the 13th is no an unlucky day, statistically, where death is not more likely come on that day; but what about the victim’s family, later on? Perhaps we should learn to be safe every day without being fearful of accidents:

Dust Control

It’s always wise to keep safe every day.  Using the right suction hose, in the industrial workplace, death can be avoided.  In an industrial work environment, dust control is an extremely important aspect of health and safety.

Without ducting, for dust or even emission extraction, a workplace can lead to serious health problems to workers.  A proper air extraction hose is important to have, go extract both micro and larger harmful particles away from the workplace.

Dust | Hose

Dust from vehicle exhausts, cutting or sanding, of various materials, for example, wood, can be very hazardous health leading to permanent health respiratory issues like asthma or even slow death. For example, many species of wood are known to contain toxins which can lead to nasal cancer and shorten a person’s lung capacity.  A quality air extraction hose, such as Masterflex BF, Master Clip HT for high-temperature gasses, that efficiently collects these harmful particles, will create a safe workplace.

For more details on Masterflex hoses, please visit: http://www.masterflex-uk.com/

Masterflex at The North Pole   – April 9

Masterflex at The North Pole   – April 9

For details of Masterflex cold & hot temperature hoses (From -60°C to +300 °C), please, continue to the end of the article or visit http://masterflex-uk.com

Who reached the terrestrial North Pole first on April 9, 1909? No, it wasn’t Masterflex, but Robert Peary, his partner Mathew Henson and four Inui.

Nobody lives at the North Pole, it’s just a patch of a frozen ocean:

patch of a frozen ocean

A patch of a frozen ocean

But there is life, in the Arctic Circle where conditions that we think may be considered too tough for us, in the outer reaches of the Arctic Circle, Inuit tribes live there in northern Canada and Alaska.

Life and the Svalbard reindeer - Masterflex Hoses

Life and the Svalbard reindeer

They are living together with the arctic fox, Svalbard reindeer, polar bears and other beings.

Arctic fox | Masterflex Hoses

Arctic fox

Birds including, guillemots and puffins can be seen around the north pole.

Arctic puffins - Masterflex Hoses

Arctic puffins

Penguins live in the south pole, but auks are like penguins that can fly are seen in the Arctic Circle.


Alert only 817km away from the North Pole, a tiny settlement neighbouring the city of Edmonton is one of the most inaccessible spots on the planet and the northernmost settlement on earth.

Edmonton - Masterflex Hoses


Alert is a unique settlement in Canada with weather conditions the main obstacle for tourist.  Visiting the Quttinirpaaq National Park, by tourists, is probably the only attraction thing to do when visiting Alert. The park, with amazing scenery, has wolves, polar bear tracks, musk ox, hare, birds, flowers and more.

And when there is life, there is Masterflex… Masterflex offers products that are suitable for temperatures at the North Pole.  Three of our popular products include the Master-Clip CAR, the two-layer Master-Clip ISO-CAR (vibration friendly) and the bestselling Master Clip Silicone:


  • The suction of engine exhaust fumes up to max.+300 °C
  • Low-pressure range
  • Extractor units
  • Exhaust gas extraction (esp. diesel engines)
  • Hot and Cold air
  • Smoke extractors


  • Hardly inflammable
  • A high tension-proof connection of wall-lining and spiral via special clamp mechanism
  • Highly flexible
  • Extremely compressible to approx. 1:6
  • Abrasion-resistant

Temperature Range

  • From -60°C to +300 °C (Exhaust temperatures) with appropriate use if exhaust regulators and sufficient air supply (approx. 50%)
  • Peaks to +350°C*

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Easter Nests, Eggs & Facts – Hoses for the Food Industry.

“Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life.” Janine di Giovanni;

Easter chocolate eggs - Hoses & Ducts for the Food Industry

Easter chocolate eggs

The first chocolate egg was born in 1873, in the UK, by. J. S. Fry & Sons, Ltd of Bristol. This was a British chocolate company owned by Joseph Storrs Fry and his family.

J. S. Fry & Sons, Ltd of Bristol - Hoses / Ducts for Food Industry

J. S. Fry & Sons, Ltd of Bristol

In 1847, Fry’s produced the first solid chocolate bar. The company also created the first filled chocolate sweet, Cream Sticks, in 1853. It became a division of Cadbury in the early 20th century. The original Somerdale Factory was closed, after 2010, where the first chocolate egg was born!

  • People traditionally roll painted eggs down steep hills, as a game, on Easter Sunday. In the UK, children compete to see who rolls their egg the farthest.
Easter Monday Egg Roll - Hoses / Ducts Food Industry

Easter Monday Egg Roll

  • Easter Eggs are a symbol of new life and the gesture of giving eggs, at Easter, has been traced back to the Ancient Egyptians, Gauls, Persians and Romans.
Easter Eggs Symbol of New Life - Ducts / Hoses

Easter Eggs – Symbol of New Life

  • Every child in the U.K on average, according to a survey, receives £56 worth of chocolate eggs or presents; and 8.8 Easter Eggs, on average, are received per year by every child in the UK.
Child With Easter Egg - Hoses for the Food Industry

Child With Easter Egg

  • The first Easter baskets looked like bird’s nests. The Easter Basket ritual has its origins in the German folklore of the Easter Hare. According to a German legend, for kids to come and gorge on them on Easter morning, a white hare would leave Easter baskets filled with candies, brightly coloured eggs and other goodies.
Easter Eggs Nest - Food Industry Hoses

Easter Eggs Nest


Masterflex Flexible Hose and Duct

Flexible Hose and Flexible Ducting manufactured from clear polyurethane, PU material, for applications in the food industry. The materials used comply with the relevant EC and FDA directives.

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Time For Change, Its Spring!

Spring - Time for a change

Spring – Time for a change

It is that time of the year when we all move the clocks forward.

 We can start to enjoy the lighter evenings, see flowers start to bloom and look forward to warmer temperatures.

There is always one clock & a hose you may miss out by accident. Did you forget to change your clocks & hoses for Spring?

Masterflex Changing hose

Masterflex – Change your hose

Here at Masterflex, all our clocks have been altered, ready for a busy week ahead.

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Three Stages of St. Patrick’s Day, by Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd, That You Never Thought Of!

For details of Masterflex Wander hoses, please, continue to the end of the article.

St Patricks Green Beer

St. Patrick’s Day has gradually become one of the most important days, for both the British and the Irish, where thousands of people in large cities celebrate for a very long day of jollity.

Here are the three stages, of St. Patrick’s Day, that go through over the day and the following!

 1. The Silence before the storm

There is a quite peaceful period, in the air and people can be seen getting ready for partying. Roads are clean, and everything seems normal and silent.

 St Patricks Silence

2. The Mass Meeting Litter

Thousands of tourists, locals and beer bottles, every year, cover streets of big cities; cities such as Liverpool, Dublin, Derry, Belfast & Birmingham.

St Patricks Mass Meeting Ireland

Figure 2 Baggot Street, in Dublin, punters sing songs.

Patrick’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year, with bottles and cans getting kicked out-of-the-way as thousands of people, most in green hands, make their way from pub to pub.  Revellers can be spotted urinating on walls of laneways, besides portable urinals being supplied and not meeting demands.

3. Road Sweeping, The Post-Apocalyptic Aftermath

Major clean-ups being after St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in capital go into overdrive every year.

After more than eight hours of partying, important parts of large cities are transformed into a post-apocalyptic wasteland.  After the event, a major clean-up is planned to take place in the cities, the following day to clean up piled rubbish on streets. Unsung heroes wake up the next morning to clean up the whole mess using road sweeping machines and their hands.

St Patricks Aftermath

Figure 3: The Streets of Dublin after St. Patricks Day.

Major events, such as St. Patricks day, happen very often in big cities; it seems like more and more waste appears on our streets.  Litter, broken glass, discarded chewing gum, dropped food are all major contributors to increased demands, performance and durability of street cleaning Products.

Road cleaning requires major clean-ups after parades, so road re-opening is long even in major cities like Birmingham. Several roads, in Birmingham, remained closed from 6.30am until approximately 4 pm the following day of 2017 Parade.

People look forward to St. Patricks Day parades, but the parade crowd can’t be stopped from littering. As litter pile up on the streets, the massive clean-up operation is always underway across cities where Council workers struggle to cope.

Road Sweeping with MasterFlex Technical Hoses Ltd.


There is a range of Streetmaster LF Wander Hose, for road sweeping machines, that we can provide at Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd:

Available within days of ordering.

Microbe resistant polyester polyurethane hose, reinforced with encapsulated PVC coated high tensile steel wire helix. PU thinness ca. 1.0mm.

  • Made in the UK
  • Extremely Abrasion Resistant
  • UV and Ozone resistant
  • Highly Flexible
  • Compressible
  • Lightweight
  • Bore sizes, ranging from, 100-400mm

Our hoses are available to order by councils, businesses and for non-commercial use in a variety of application: from automotive to the military.

If you’d like to learn more about our Wander Hoses for road sweeping vehicles and for leaf and grass collectors or other hoses, then please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or call us on 0161 626 8066

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