If you work within the Chemical Industry, are you aware of Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd products?

If you work within the chemical industry, are you aware of; Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd, who are a UK manufacturer producing hose for use within application involving  suction and blowing of corrosive media.

A particular recommendation would be the following two products;

Master-Clip PTFE H

ffg Master-Clip Teflon H application

Chemical Resistant hose for use with corrosive media up to 175ºC. The clip spiral is constructed with hot-dip galvanised steel band.The inner wall layer being PTFE foil and the outer layer being HYPALON- coated polyester fabric.

This highly flexible hose is UV/ozone- proof, vibration proof and chemical resistant, but still compressible to approx 1:4

Master-Clip PTFE H-EL


This hose is suitable for applications up to +280ºC, and is in addition electrically conductive (for further details see the product information page) and can be used in danger zones which require this feature.

Master-Clip PTFE H-EL can be used with confidence for the conveyance of aggressive media, explosive gases and fumes. It is also suitable for solvent extraction.

The highly flexible hose stops you worrying about small bends, and is weather proof and cold / heat resistant. It adheres to TRBS 2153 (ZONE 0/20) for flammable dusts and gases.

If we can help you with more information on these, or any of our other products, please contact us; telephone; 0161 626 8066 and we would be happy to help

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