Need Exhaust Gas Hoses? Look no further…

Exhaust extraction

Masterflex is a Manufacturer and Supplier of vehicle exhaust extraction for cars, buses,

trucks fire engines, and emergency vehicles

Within a closed area, although vehicles are run only a short length of time, while the vehicle is being tested or worked upon, carbon monoxide (exhaust fumes) can build. The carbon monoxide is odourless and it is easy for the fumes to build in pockets around the room. If these exhaust emissions are not extracted safely and controlled, they can cause those working upon the vehicle to become ill. They can also damage to the sensitive electronics of diagnostic and servicing equipment in the workshop.

To ensure the safety of mechanics and those working in this field, Exhaust extraction at source is needed.

The most effective method of removing of vehicle exhaust fumes is capture them at source…

Masterflex manufactures and supplies a range of hoses to capture these vehicle exhaust gases,  providing a safer working environment.

Carflex 200 is one example from the Masterflex Exhaust Gas Extraction Range.

Carflex 200: with neoprene-coated polyester fabric clamp profile spiral, hot dip galvanised steel band, and additional outer scuff protection profile is highly flexible. Allowing it to be used in even the most confined spaces to suit your working environment. Vibration proof, with good flow characteristics, it is super lightweight and extremely compressible to approx 1:5

It benefits from high tension-proof construction of the wall lining and spiral via a special clamp mechanism.

Adhering to TRBS 2153 (Zone 1,21) for non-flammable dusts and gases with low conductivity for dissipation of electrostatic charges with double ended grounding of clips and radiant of <30 mm. Boasting a temperature range of +200ºC with exhaust regulators and sufficient air supply.

Visit Masterflex and see the exhaust emmision removal range at

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