Working in Construction? Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd reliably supply Quality Technical Hose


Constructions rigorous demands, need quality durability and reliability in products.

Cargoflex and Master-PUR Inline, are two products within the technical hose range at Masterflex UK.

We manufacture hose and ducting specifically designed and constructed for your business. Availability; speed from order to delivery , is something we pride ourselves upon.

Cargoflex (Technical Hose)

Cargoflex is a polyester polyurethane hose, with reinforced with embedded copper coated high tensile steel wire helix.
and a PU thickness = maximum 4.8mm.

With very good flexibility, it is extremely abrasion resistant, has a nearly smooth bore but is heavy duty.
Cargoflex has applications in the transport of gravel, stones, glass wool, aggregates, suitable for quarries, cement works, shipyards and docks where its quality and resilience enable it to meet the highest demands of service life and abrasion resistance

Master-PUR Inline (Technical Hose)

Master-PUR Inline, is a polyester polyurethane hose with a reinforced with embedded copper coated high tensile steel wire helix and a PU liner thickness = maximum 4mm. It has an ultra abrasion resistant 60 Shore liner.
With good flexibility, seamless smooth bore and Extreme abrasion resistance.
It is very heavy duty, with applications in the transportation of gravel,stones and aggregates, within quarries, cement works, shipyards and docks.

Should you require any further information about this range or any other product or application, please do not hesitate to visit, click the link below or telephone 0161 626 8066

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