Remember Remember the 5th November


Its that time of the year were the winter woolies have been dug out of the wardrobe, sparklers have been bought and the parkin is in the oven cooking.

With the gloves and scarf on, it is exciting to see the colourful fireworks light up the night sky with the big bangers, beautiful fountains and screaming rockets.

Here at Masterflex, we have been creating a few sparks of our own from the machines that produce the hoses and ductings, specifically designed to withstand high temperatures up to 1100°C?

At the higher end of the temperature range, we create Master Clip 1100, which is used for exhaust fume extraction on large capacity engines, and automotive and aircraft manufacturing.

Medium to high temperature hoses such as Master Sil can be used for gases, plastic industry and waste incinerators. Temperatures can accommodate anything up to 250°C

At the lower end of the scale we make Master Clip Vinyl B which has been designed for air conditioning and ventilation extraction systems.

 If you would like a quote on any item we produce whether it’s for Woodworking, Construction, Air Conditioning and Ventilation, Automotive or Asbestos removal.

For more information on our product range contact Masterflex UK

Masterflex Technical Hoses Limited
Units G & H, Prince of Wales Business Park,
Vulcan Street, Oldham, OL1 4ER
Tel: 0161 626 8066     Fax: 0161 626 9066

Email:  or


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