Happy 100th Birthday, Roald Dahl

Born September 13th, 1916, Roald Dahl would be celebrating his 100th birthday today. Perhaps Matilda, the BFG, Charlie, Wonka and the Fantastic Mr Fox would be invited round to Uncle Oswalds for Giant Peach and chocolate.

Dahl was a prolific writer, best known for his, often dark, children’s books, notably James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda and The Fantastic Mr Fox. Later in his career he wrote books aimed squarely at the adult market, without losing any of the wit, skill and dark humour that made his children’s offerings such hits.

Hoses for use in Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

The Chocolate Room

Masterflex templine® Heated Hose can keep its media at a steady temperature using electrical elements along its length. It is ideal where constant temperature and a flexible design is essential.
Perfect for glue, chocolate, polyamide, temperature critical chemical transportation.

Temperature up to 220degC
Pressure resistance up to 500 Bar

More info for templine Heated Hose

The Inventing Room

Everlasting Gob Stoppers, Hair Toffee and Three Course Dinner Gum can be abrasive, and would need a medium duty, food safe hose to transport.

Masterflex have a range of FDA approved food hoses made from food safe Polyether Polyurethane, or PVC.

Master PUR L Food, PUR H Food, HX Food, and Food A (anti Static) hoses are FDA certified flexible suction and transport hoses, ideal for transporting solid and liquid food ingredients, as well as pharmaceutical ingredients.

The Nut Room (the Golden Egg room in the 1971 film)

Nuts (or eggs) are sorted into good and bad, with the bad nuts (eggs) being discarded down a disposal chute.

Master PUR L, H and Hx make excellent disposal drop chutes for abrasive media, and the Masterflex Trivolution additive combination, including microbe resistance, helps to protect the hose from going bad when used in dirty environments.

The Television Room

This room combines the potential dangers of food contamination, static electricity and a clean room.

Our Polyether Polyurethane food hoses, and particularly the ‘Food A’ hoses, (Master PUR L Food A and Master PUR H Food A) meet FDA requirements and are rated anti-static. ideal for use in electrically active food and pharmaceutical environments.

Masterflex have most standard sized hoses in stock for next day delivery, for practically every use you can think of.

If you wish to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch, either sales@masterflex-uk.com, or by calling 0161 626 8066.

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