Friday the 13th & Dust Control

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Friday the 13th, in western superstition, is considered an unlucky day.  It befalls when the 13th day of the month, in the Gregorian calendar, falls on a Friday; and this day can occur up to three times in the same year!  In 2018, it is occurring tomorrow and July 13.

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Paraskevidekatriaphobia is the scientific name given to the fear of Friday the 13th.  It is born (or transmitted) after learning that Friday the 13th is the day of the bad luck and the learning of the terrible events that took place on this day.  It is easy to catch this illness if a family member or someone close dies on Friday the 13th; it will be assumed, by the victim, that the next Friday 13th or the one after could be their last day.

Hose Scared

There are many sufferers that stay in their beds, on Friday the 13th, trying to sleep for that whole day; but fail to do so, in case they would die in sleep.  Other people travel to remote places and away from society and avoid driving.

Hose Accident

How would you know if anybody is suffering or you?  If a person, on this day feels fear, have heart palpations or are feeling separated from reality, then this is a sign of this dreadful disease!

Sick Hose

But Friday the 13th is no an unlucky day, statistically, where death is not more likely come on that day; but what about the victim’s family, later on? Perhaps we should learn to be safe every day without being fearful of accidents:

Dust Control

It’s always wise to keep safe every day.  Using the right suction hose, in the industrial workplace, death can be avoided.  In an industrial work environment, dust control is an extremely important aspect of health and safety.

Without ducting, for dust or even emission extraction, a workplace can lead to serious health problems to workers.  A proper air extraction hose is important to have, go extract both micro and larger harmful particles away from the workplace.

Dust | Hose

Dust from vehicle exhausts, cutting or sanding, of various materials, for example, wood, can be very hazardous health leading to permanent health respiratory issues like asthma or even slow death. For example, many species of wood are known to contain toxins which can lead to nasal cancer and shorten a person’s lung capacity.  A quality air extraction hose, such as Masterflex BF, Master Clip HT for high-temperature gasses, that efficiently collects these harmful particles, will create a safe workplace.

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