Do you need to clear the air at work?

If you work in an industry that can cause the air you breathe to be filled with gases, such as exhaust fumes.



Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd have  a product range of technical hoses designed and manufactured to the highest quality, to make sure you can effectively clear the air

 Click here to see the Masterflex hose range designed specifically to the needs of your industry.

Such as Carflex Super – crush resistant, highly flexible and robust hose

Carflex 300 – specially coated, high temperature flexible ducting

Master-Clip ISO Car – flame retardant, abrasion proof, vibration proof, external galvanised steel helix, flexible ducting

To see the full website go to

If you need advice or help in choosing the correct hose telephone 0161 626 8066, we are happy to help.

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