High Temperature Hose range from UK manufacturer: Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd



Master-Clip Iso Silicone Hose from Masterfex Technical Hose Ltd

At Masterflex we have a range of technical hose designed and manufactured specifically to enable their use in high temperature applications.

The Master-Clip Iso Silicone hose, is highly flexible and has an outer helix that protects against abrasion and scuffing and is flame retardant. It is suitable for extraction of industrial fumes at high temperatures, and removal of engine exhaust gas fumes at high temperatures.

If you work within Automotive, Aerospace or Shipbuilding industries, or general engineering, this is the hose for you. It has a temperature range of -60ºC to +300ºC (intermittent to +350ºC).

Should your application require additional features such as vibration resistance, there are other hoses in the range which have been designed to meet these needs.

MC_IsoCar hose

The Master-Clip Iso Car is one of these. A  2 ply special coated high temperature fabric ducting with external galvanised steel helix. Again this is a highly flexible ducting with an outer helix protects against abrasion and scuffing making it suitable for more robust applications. It is vibration proof, and abrasion resistant. High temperature exhaust gases in heavy industry where vibration is involved would find this product highly beneficial. This high temperature product has a temperature range of -60ºC to +300ºC (intermittent to +350ºC).

These are just two of the products in this industrial hose range, the entire range of heated hoses produced in our site at Oldham, Manchester, can be seen by clicking the link below.

Heated hose range at Masterflex

Do you need to clear the air at work?

If you work in an industry that can cause the air you breathe to be filled with gases, such as exhaust fumes.



Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd have  a product range of technical hoses designed and manufactured to the highest quality, to make sure you can effectively clear the air

 Click here to see the Masterflex hose range designed specifically to the needs of your industry.

Such as Carflex Super – crush resistant, highly flexible and robust hose

Carflex 300 – specially coated, high temperature flexible ducting

Master-Clip ISO Car – flame retardant, abrasion proof, vibration proof, external galvanised steel helix, flexible ducting

To see the full website go to www.masterflex-uk.com

If you need advice or help in choosing the correct hose telephone 0161 626 8066, we are happy to help.