Master-PUR Trivolution “The next generation of Polyurethane Hoses has arrived at Masterflex.”

  Polyester-PU ducting combining the 3 most important features of a spiral hose in 1 product:


                        Antistatic        +      Hardly Inflammable     +   Microbe-Resistant

The Master-PUR Trivolution series of flexible hose is a further development of the industry-renowned Master-PUR hose range.wide trivolution - WORLD FIRST

Master-PUR Trivolution is manufactured from pure polyester polyurethane (PU). Thanks to its unique mixture of raw materials, it offers all of the most important features of a top-quality spiral hose along with its ground breaking antistatic, microbe-resistant and hardly inflammable features.
This enables the innovative new hose to be applied to a huge spectrum of applications, where previously, multiple hoses would have to have been used.

Even with its newly modified mix of ingredients, the high-performance materials guarantee unbeatable product life-cycles, making the all-new Master-PUR Trivolution highly versatile and universally applicable – at no extra cost. The combined powers of the Master-PUR Trivolution provide real and quantifiable added value for the user: simplified product selection, much improved stock availability and drastically reduced storage costs.

large trivolution hose
The optimised hose series is available in the

following versions:

• Master-PUR L Trivolution (0.7 mm)
• Master-PUR H Trivolution (1.4 mm)
• Master-PUR HX Trivolution (1.7 – 2.1 mm)

The new Masterflex Trivolution range is now available ex- stock UK in the more popular sizes.

For more information on our product range contact
Masterflex UK

Masterflex Technical Hoses Limited
Units G & H, Prince of Wales Business Park,
Vulcan Street, Oldham, OL1 4ER
Tel: 0161 626 8066     Fax: 0161 626 9066

Email: or

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