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Social media has become an important tool for Masterflex, like the machinery we use to manufacture the hoses and ductings, it opens up opportunities to encourage other people to get in connect while promoting the Masterflex brand.

These new developments have allowed us to interact with new followers, developing long-lasting relationships with our clients.

These quick and easy social platforms all allow regular information to be sent to people about products that we manufacture, then shared between their own network of friends.

Masterflex are currently using Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Google + and Pinterest to interact with new customers across the UK and further a field.

If you would like a quote on any item we produce whether it’s for Woodworking, Construction, Air Conditioning and Ventilation, Automotive or Asbestos removal, there are many different ways to get in touch.

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A typical day at Masterflex…


So what is a ‘typical’ day at Masterflex I hear you ask?

Daily orders come in via email, phone call or fax and it is down to 2 lads in the office and 4 men on the shop floor to complete the transactions.

Some days can be quite hectic in the office dealing with quotes, orders and deliveries, but we make sure everything is to the correct specification and dispatched on time.

As a manufacturer we deal with end users, suppliers and distributors, around the UK and further afield. Today, our products are in use throughout various industries, such as Automotive, Construction, Food, Pharmaceutical, Woodworking and Air Conditioning.

Masterflex Technical Hoses Limited can also design and manufacture a hose or ducting to a customers’ specific needs.

Popular products include:

Flamex BF for Woodworking,

Carflex Super for Car exhausts

Masterclip Vinyl for Asbestos removal.

To view all our products on the website click here.

Whether its a sample you require, need more details about a certain product, or you know somebody wanting to purchase flexible hoses for personal or business use,
simply call our office on 0161 626 8066 and one our members of staff will be happy to discuss this further.

Masterflex Technical Hoses Limited
Units G & H, Prince of Wales Business Park,
Vulcan Street, Oldham, OL1 4ER
Tel: 0161 626 8066     Fax: 0161 626 9066

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Master-PUR Trivolution “The next generation of Polyurethane Hoses has arrived at Masterflex.”

  Polyester-PU ducting combining the 3 most important features of a spiral hose in 1 product:


                        Antistatic        +      Hardly Inflammable     +   Microbe-Resistant

The Master-PUR Trivolution series of flexible hose is a further development of the industry-renowned Master-PUR hose range.wide trivolution - WORLD FIRST

Master-PUR Trivolution is manufactured from pure polyester polyurethane (PU). Thanks to its unique mixture of raw materials, it offers all of the most important features of a top-quality spiral hose along with its ground breaking antistatic, microbe-resistant and hardly inflammable features.
This enables the innovative new hose to be applied to a huge spectrum of applications, where previously, multiple hoses would have to have been used.

Even with its newly modified mix of ingredients, the high-performance materials guarantee unbeatable product life-cycles, making the all-new Master-PUR Trivolution highly versatile and universally applicable – at no extra cost. The combined powers of the Master-PUR Trivolution provide real and quantifiable added value for the user: simplified product selection, much improved stock availability and drastically reduced storage costs.

large trivolution hose
The optimised hose series is available in the

following versions:

• Master-PUR L Trivolution (0.7 mm)
• Master-PUR H Trivolution (1.4 mm)
• Master-PUR HX Trivolution (1.7 – 2.1 mm)

The new Masterflex Trivolution range is now available ex- stock UK in the more popular sizes.

For more information on our product range contact
Masterflex UK

Masterflex Technical Hoses Limited
Units G & H, Prince of Wales Business Park,
Vulcan Street, Oldham, OL1 4ER
Tel: 0161 626 8066     Fax: 0161 626 9066

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Happy Chinese New Year from Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd

Happy Chinese New Year from Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd

Those born within the Chinese New Year of the Horse are recognised as energetic, bright and intelligent..

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year falls on January 31

It is believed those born in the year of the horse have excellent communication skills and enjoy being in the limelight.

At Masterflex our antistatic hose range is in the limelight as new year falls. Featured here is Master-Clip PTFE H-E L, a PTFE lined Hypalon coated polyester fabric ducting designed and manufactured in the UK.

Product Features:

• Reinforced with external galvanised steel helix
• Highly flexible
• Outer helix protects against abrasion and scuffing during installation
• UV and ozone resistant
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Electrically conductive liner
• Surface resistance < 10 to the 6 ohms
• Suitable for use on ATEX approved equipment

Applications for this product:

• Extraction of corrosive and explosive gases and fumes in dangerous areas

To find out more about this, or any other hose in the electroconductive, antistatic hose range at Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd, visit our website at:

Should you require any further help or assistance, our team is here to help at, or 0161 626 8066

Masterflex, for all of your technical hose and ducting needs in 2014

Do You use Antistatic and Electroconductive Hose?


If safety in your working environment is a high priority, due to the need for Antistatic and Electroconductive hose, have you been introduced to the range of hose, specifically designed and manufactured to meet your requirements?

Masterflex Technical Hoses is an established and trusted supplier of hose for danger zones in the workplace.Our Master-PUR range of hose, allows you to work with confidence in even the most challenging environment.

Master-PUR L is a PU suction and transport hose that is light duty, extremely flexible,highly abrasion resistant with high tensile strength. The mostly smooth inner lining facilitates optimum flow characteristics.

It is oil / petroleum-proof, gas tight, has good chemical resistance, and a temperature range from -40ºC to +90ºC (with Peaks to 120ºC)


master PUR  L

Other hose in the Master-PUR antistatic and electroconductive range are;

Master-PUR H-EL

Master-PUR L-EL

Master-Clip Vinyl EL

Master-Clip PTFE H EL

Master-Clip PTFE S-EL

To discover more about these our any other hose from Masterflex, either click the link on the products above, or visit our website on

Masterflex visit Machine Building and Medi Plas at NEC


2013 has seen amazing developments in the world of technology and Masterflex is proud to have been able to support many different businesses through the sale of their industrial hose range.
Some examples being;
templine- innovative heated hose

Master-PUR L-EL- lightweight electrically conductive hose,

Master PUR H Food – flexible hose with embedded stainless steel helix

For all of your industrial hose needs visit our website at