Time to gain an hour


Clocks go back Sunday 25th October

What is the one thing people want more of?

Well if it is Time that you are wanting then you are in luck, as we will all be gaining an extra hour on Sunday. If you love your sleep then this will be great news.

While not all of us will be thrilled about the upcoming shorter nights, there is one saving grace. An extra hour in bed! As the nights draw in, leaves fall and kids gear up for Halloween we know what to be expecting.

It may be a small consolation but that does not mean we are looking forward to it any less. Lighter mornings and darker evenings are sticking around until December 21 – the shortest day of the year. Clocks should be put back 60 minutes at 1am on Sunday October 25. When the clocks go back, the UK will be back onto Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Mobile phones and other devices connected to the Internet should change automatically. Other devices, like cookers and ovens will need to be changed manually.

Clocks then move forward again on March 27, 2016.

The reason for changing the clocks twice a year is known as Daylight Saving Time and was brought in from 1907 to get people out of bed earlier during summer when it gets light from 4 to 5am even when the clocks have gone back. But there have been calls to scrap it entirely because of the adverse impact of nights drawing in earlier during winter.

So don’t forget Sunday 25th Oct to turn your clocks back 1 hour

Its back to work for everyone at Masterflex (hopefully everyone will turn in on time) manufacturing hoses and ducting to suit your individual requirements

Give the office a call to get a quote, sample or to make a purchase.

Masterflex Technical Hoses Limited
Units G & H, Prince of Wales Business Park,
Vulcan Street, Oldham, OL1 4ER
Tel: 0161 626 8066     Fax: 0161 626 9066

Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm

Email: hayley@masterflex-uk.com  or www.masterflex-uk.com


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