Do You use Antistatic and Electroconductive Hose?


If safety in your working environment is a high priority, due to the need for Antistatic and Electroconductive hose, have you been introduced to the range of hose, specifically designed and manufactured to meet your requirements?

Masterflex Technical Hoses is an established and trusted supplier of hose for danger zones in the workplace.Our Master-PUR range of hose, allows you to work with confidence in even the most challenging environment.

Master-PUR L is a PU suction and transport hose that is light duty, extremely flexible,highly abrasion resistant with high tensile strength. The mostly smooth inner lining facilitates optimum flow characteristics.

It is oil / petroleum-proof, gas tight, has good chemical resistance, and a temperature range from -40ºC to +90ºC (with Peaks to 120ºC)


master PUR  L

Other hose in the Master-PUR antistatic and electroconductive range are;

Master-PUR H-EL

Master-PUR L-EL

Master-Clip Vinyl EL

Master-Clip PTFE H EL

Master-Clip PTFE S-EL

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High temperature hose from Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd

If you work in the automotive industry or utilize robotics in manufacture, have you heard about templine the flexible Heated Hose from Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd, with a design that eliminates cold and hot spots, even when the hose is flexed and bent. Read on to find out product features and areas of suitability, this unique design could improve your production and manufacturing quality and reliability.

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Product features:

  • Innovative construction that prevents hot spots
  • Unique termination design – water tight preventing ingress of moisture and dust also preventing heat loss
  • Optional addition of Masterflex integrated self regulating temperature control
  • Hose operation to +220ºC
  • Pressure tested to 500 bar
  • Tested to 1 million bending operations and demonstrates high mechanical strength
  • Wide range of couplings to suit different applications
  • Hoses diameter to 4mm to 50mm
  • Custom designed hoses bespoke to your requirements

Suitable for:

  1. Application of hot adhesive to secure windscreens providing optimum adhesion within specified temperature range.
  2. Glue robots for car body and windscreen compounds
  3. Car Exhaust measurement
  4. Painting systems
  5. Surface Protection

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The Master PUR range from Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd


Taken from the excellent Master PUR range of hose from Masterflex, the Master PUR-H is a suction and transport hose.
Formed around the spiral steel skeleton, the hose is extremely flexible and this allows it to be used in even the most confined spaces. It is light and highly abrasion resistant, giving it a greater service life.

Applications include:
•Suction of coarse-grained media with high
flow rate
•For abrasive solids, gaseous and liquid
•Standard hose for industrial vacuum
•Granulate transport hose
•Transport of chips/shavings
•Suction and transport of paper fibres
•Oil mist extraction/suction

Other hoses in this range include the Master PUR-L hose, and the Master PUR-HX

purrr EEE WRWR

Our confidence in the quality of these hose and their suitability to meet customer demands, has resulted in us extending this range even further and our newest addition to this range is a World First ; Master PUR Performance hose.

To discover more about this incredible new hose read the 2013/10/16 press-release

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The flexible hose with a smooth inner core – A World First!

Master-PUR Performance hose is a World First! A flexible hose with a smooth inner core that eliminates the build up of materials passing through in use as they collide with internal ridges. With Master-PUR Performance hose there are no internal ridges…friction and the build up of related heat is prevented

.PUR Performance Hose

This allows the materials to pass through the flexible hose, with the internal helix remaining cool. Abrasion is reduced and the durability of the hose is therefore improved.

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Press Release


Masterflex announce market launch: Totally smooth & highly flexible – perfect for even the most extreme conditions

 A world first for spiral hoses from technological leaders Masterflex.

 Masterflex is proud to announce the launch of a world first in the field of spiral hoses: the brand newMaster-PUR Performance

Created to meet all of our customer’s many requirements in one product, the unique

 Master- PUR Performance offers totally smooth surface for improved transport flow, greater durability and reliability while maintaining excellent flexibility, especially in comparison to other heavy-duty PU hoses. A result of extensive research and innovative development in the construction design, materials and manufacturing processes applied, the Master-PUR Performance is the only spiral hose in the world to combine all of these – otherwise contradictory – features in one. Even with its highly robust design, it can easily be installed in the tightest of spaces, making it the perfect all-rounder

Master-PUR Performance, delivers the combination of truly reliable robustness for greater abrasion resistance, a high level of flexibility, as well as a seamlessly smooth inner surface was simply not technically possible in the field of spiral hose manufacturing. Thanks to the many years of experience in high-tech plastics, particularly in the processing of special 3D cross-linked cast elastomers, and the successful completion of exhaustive load and endurance tests.

These clear advantages of the Master-PUR Performance are especially evident when transporting industrial goods. Heavily abrasive bulk solids and dusts, such as plastic granules (with a high GRP ratio), quartz, stones, glass or ceramic fragments, place enormous demands on hose durability, meaning that maintenance intervals are usually frequent. That’s why users choose to rely on heavier, inflexible rubber hoses or steel pipes for transporting this type of media. The new Master-PUR Performance from Masterflex, however, offers a ground breaking alternative packed with direct benefits for the user:

– Thanks to its totally smooth inner surface, the all-new Master-PUR Performance provides unbeatable flow conditions with virtually no flow-loss whatsoever resulting in the reduction of energy consumption, thus cutting costs.

– The optimised construction design of the hose profile provides the hose with greater flexibility. This allows the Master-PUR Performance to be easily used and installed in even the smallest of spaces.

– Due to the nature of the special materials used, the Master-PUR Performance boasts 100 % greater abrasion-resistance than any other conventional hose made from thermo-plastic polyurethane. The hose’s replacement intervals increase as a result, reducing maintenance costs significantly.

– In comparison to the usual standard spiral hoses, it features improved pressure and vacuum resistance. Combined with its microbe-resistance and antistatic qualities, the Master-PUR Performance is perfect for almost any application. It fulfils all requirements of the standards TRBS 2153 and Directive 94/9/EG (ATEX 95) for the avoidance of ignition hazards resulting from electrostatic charges.

The highly flexible Master-PUR Performance from Masterflex provides unparalleled performance and extraordinary advantages, which traditional hoses simply can’t offer. The new hose is available in sizes from DN 38 to DN 152.

About Masterflex Group The Masterflex Group is a renowned specialist for the development and production of high-tech hoses and connection systems. With 13 operative units in Europe, the Americas and Asia, the Group is present worldwide. Driving factors behind our steady growth are our globalisation and our innovation. Since its IPO in 2000, Masterflex shares have been listed in  the Prime Standard sector of the German stock exchange.

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Master-Clip PUR hose

From design to completion Master-Clip PE is a more environmentally friendly product than PVC hoses. Suitable for Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Welding Fumes, it is constructed from PU film / foil, extremely abrasion resistant and suitable for suction and blowing.
Being highly flexible and compressible, it also has an outer chaffing protection spiral for durability.
With good mechanical resistance the Master-Clip PE is one of the air conditioning and ventilation hoses from Masterflex.
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PUR Performance; World first from Masterflex!

its hereComing soon…
More innovation from Masterflex:

Master-PUR Performance

Totally abrasion-resistant, seamlessly smooth and totally flexible: These are the three exceptional features offered by the unique new addition to our family of especially abrasion-resistant PU suction/transport hoses. And it’s this special combination that makes the Master-PUR Performance a true world-first in the global industry.

Features of Master PUR Performance:

Incredibly abrasion resistant
Extremely flexible
Seamlessly smooth