Need to extract wooddust from the air you breathe?

Surrounded by wooddust? Longing for clean air to breathe?

If you work in manufacturing, you wouldn’t want to produce materials that were not of the best quality. So why put up with air that is not of the best quality for you to breathe?
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Discover for yourself how Masterflex flexible, dust and extraction hose range can work for you.

Dust extraction hose to make woodworking safer

If you work with wood, and want to ensure the safe extraction of wood dust, Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd , has arrange of hose designed and manufactured for your industry:


  • Flamex BF, is a medium duty polyurethane, with a stainless steel PVC coated spiral helix.

It is extremely flexible, highly abrasion resistant,heavy duty hose.


Master-PUR step hose, is again specifically designed for wood dust extraction. It is a polyester polyurethane hose with a polyurethane external profile. It is highly flexible and is fire retardant to specifications DIN 4102 B1. A key design feature for Master-PUR step, is that it is crush resistant. For example; If you are needing wood dust extraction hose, and you are aware that there is a danger that the hose could be crushed through people accidentally treading on it , this design ensures greater durability


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